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The History of the Evershed Family


Family History Research:                For a summary of research into the history of the Evershed family see:  FamHist.html

A Written History:                            For my  'History of the Evershed Family 1200 - 1800'  see:  HEF

Recording Evershed Data:                Evershed family data is recorded in several different ways see:  EvershedRecords.htm

Drawing the Family Tree::               Notes on drawing of the Evershed Family tree see:  EvershedFamilyTree.htm

Family Tree Dates and Places:        For the names, dates and many sources of all those mentioned on the family tree (PBE, 2002) see:  PDataIntro.htm

Evershed Emigrants:                         Since the middle of the 1800s may Eversheds have emigrated from England, for a list see:  Emigrants.html

Evershed Place Names:                     Over the years a number of places, roads, houses, etc. have been named after Eversheds, for a list see:  Placenames.html

Evershed Births, Marriages and Deaths:     These  have been registered in England and Wales since 1837, see:  UKBirthMarDeaths.html

Evershed Coats of Arms:                  Several Coats of Arms have been granted to various Eversheds, see:  CoatsofArms.html

Evershed Indexes:                              For Indexes of all 3000 plus Eversheds  (originally compiled by the late Peter B. Evershed)-see:

- forename index of all male Eversheds:  MaleEvershed2014.doc 

- forename index of all female Eversheds, and Evershed wives:   FemaleEversheds.htm

- surname index of all husbands of Eversheds, see:  EvershedHusbands.htm

Evershed Newsletter:                        An  'Evershed Family Newsletter'  has been issued for many years, see:   EvershedNewsletters.htm

Family Tree Updates:                        Lists of Update to the Family Tree have been issued for many years, see:  FamilyTreeUpdates.htm

1901 Census Index:                           For an Index to all Eversheds listed in the UK 1901 Census see: 1901CensusIndex.htm

Unidentified Eversheds:                    For an Index of Eversheds  for whom records have been found, but their place on the family tree is not known

see:  UnidentifiedEversheds.htm

Lists compiled by the late Peter B. Evershed (L21):

Unknown Deaths:                               Eversheds on the family tree, for whom no record of their death has yet been found see:  UnknownDeaths.htm

1881 Census Index:                           An Index of all Evershed listed in the UK 1881 Census, see:  1881CensusIndex.html


Evershed Family Tree:                      On the ‘Heritage’ web site: see  Evershed Family tree


Barry Sims grandson of Constance Evershed (F19) has an Evershed Web site, see  Barry Sims'  Web Site                     

In addition to some of the above, it contains:

A Written History:                            A three volume History of the Evershed Family  1989-1998 by P.B.Evershed

The Family Tree Data File:              The Family tree in Gedcom format as generated from the ‘Heritage’ Web site

The Kempsall Family:                       The Kempsall Family  tree in Gedcom format (KJL)


Dean Addison, son-in-law of Alice Dorothy Evershed (J20) has a web site with many Evershed references see:   Dean Addison's Web Site


Please send any comments and queries to:

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